The Communication Paradox: the more ways we invent technologies to make communication more efficient, the more it weakens our interpersonal communication ability. Besides the huge societal implications, the impact to business is being felt each day. Today’s new workforce is interwoven with technological tools; and for millennials and the recent Gen-Z college graduates, smartphones have been in front of their faces since middle school!

The symptoms of this “Digital DNA” are spread throughout the organization:

  • C-suite communication failing to move organizations to a common objective.
  • Sales teams spending more time on email and texting, instead of more interpersonal channels like phone or face-to-face calls.
  • Technology teams’ inability to communicate complex ideas in understandable ways to non-tech audiences.
  • Customer Support teams concentrating more on clearing the call queue, and failing to identify opportunities to assist customers with alternatives or up-sell solutions.

The Ganon Group works with your teams to develop their communication and presentation techniques and abilities. We believe everyone can “up” their game when it comes to communicating initiatives and ideas within the organization, outside to new prospects, to existing clients, or to outside media and trade organizations.

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