“Revenue may be the fuel for organizations, but communication is the motor oil.”

– Bill Ganon

The Ganon Group delivers a proven system for effective communication:

Sales Training

When you’re neck-and-neck with the competition, optimized communication can give you the edge. This program is our most requested by companies to bolster their bottom line.


Executive Presence

Raise the quality of your entire team’s executive communication through active listening, clear content and compelling storytelling.


Public Speaking

Effective public speaking can make or break careers and is a huge life skill as well. When you really need to nail that next big speech, we’ll make sure it’s your best one ever.


Our Coaching Spans a Wide Range of Industries:

Bill pointing in workshop

Bill Ganon, Keynote Speaker

Bill’s keynote speaker presentations supercharge sales teams, reveal master networking skills, and inspire more interpersonal communication.


Bill Ganon, CEO

About Bill Ganon, CEO

Bill Ganon specializes in improving communication across all levels of an organization to develop their interpersonal communication, presentation techniques and abilities. Bill built this coaching program on a 30-year career in sales with Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. He’s an established keynote and conference speaker and has won multiple first prize awards at storytelling competitions at The Moth (themoth.org).

In addition to coaching organizations, Bill contributes his time to working with various non-profits for public speaking, sales and communication workshops, as well as for graduate students at Columbia in NYC, Tulane and Loyola in New Orleans.

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