The Ganon Group Conference Prep Program

The post-COVID world finds us returning to conferences and conventions – with the considerable expense of registration fees, air travel lodging and more. There’s a popular show business maxim:  “80% of success in life is simply showing up”.  However this does NOT hold true for industry conferences and conventions. In order to ensure the maximum ROI, the Conference Prep program focuses on techniques for effective networking, introductions that stick, best practices for pre and post conference activities and more.

A free 30-minute consultation with The Ganon Group is a great opportunity to discuss conference goals and opportunities to get the most out of your conference prep program.

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“Networking That Sticks! Ways to be positively remembered”

“Active Listening – making sure your audience knows you’re paying attention”

“Pre and post best practices”

What Clients Say about our Conference Prep Programs

“When my team of HR consultants had to prepare recently for a couple of big conferences, my first thought was ‘we need Bill.’  While we had our subject matter content down pat, we were not so well prepared for the meet and greet with potential business clients. Bill’s guidance provided us the tools we needed to engage with prospects in memorable ways. He’s fun, easy to work with, and an excellent sales coach.”
– Patricia E. Pannell, J.D. President/CEO – GOTCHA COVERED HR, LLC

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