The Ganon Group Sales Training Program

You have great products…so do your competitors! You have a full sales pipeline…so do your competitors! The tiebreaker goes to the team that communicates most effectively. Effective communication is not just a natural talent. IT CAN BE TAUGHT. The Ganon Group Sales Training program is the tool most requested by companies to bolster their bottom line.

Sales teams who can Help vs. Sell empirically perform better. Our programs offer unique insights to common sales scenarios,  conversational strategies, presentation flow sequence, pre and post call best practices and more. A free 30-minute consultation with The Ganon Group is a great opportunity to discuss your team’s problem spots, desired outcomes and customized program offerings to get the most out of your sales training session.

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“Helping is the New Selling”

“Transforming salespeople into MVAs – Most Valuable Assets”

“Thoughtful Questions & Active Listening”

“Presentations that build interest by well-sequenced components”

“Orange Work” that build trust and partnerships

Conference Prep for effective Networking, Intros and more

What Clients Say about our Sales Training Programs

“Bill’s realistic view of relationship building and management was embraced by our sales leadership team. His interactive style and experience sharing were rated as highly valued by a mature team. Suggested adaptation techniques for a transitioning to a virtual/digital world were effective in improving communication skills.”
– CM, VP, Pan American Life Group

“Bill’s ability to instantly connect with our team of advertising salespeople has left a lasting, beneficial impression. After a great two days of workshopping, our team put Bill’s recommendations into its playbook. Our sales reps now use one of Bill’s techniques, Orange Work, to research and find ways to better communicate with prospects and clients so relationships evolve beyond transaction and translate into meaningful, strategic marketing action based on trust.”
– SB, Director of Sales, Advance Local

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