Most local sales teams have sat through the Monday morning rallying cry of “Finding New Business”! They load up their sales ammo bag full of digital solutions for SMBS: SEO, site building, display, social, and on an on. The central sales obstacle is so often the same…an overworked SMB has too much to do just to run their business, never mind attempting to sort out your bag of digital solutions.

Next SMB call, give the 2 Minute SMB Mobile Sales Call a try. There are a number of personal variations, but here are the basic foundational pieces:

Intro: Open the call with something like

Q1: “How many of your customers do you believe own smartphones?”

Assuming high % answer…

Q2: “Interesting…b/c we’re seeing the same at <your media property here>. In fact, our mobile ad pages are now x% of our total digital pages”

Take a look at our mobile website <show site>

The Hook:

Q3: “I was looking at your site (if they have one at all), and here’s how it looks on my phone” (showing their non-optimized site on the mobile phone). This moment can be extremely effective if you simply let them see their non-mobile optimized site is woefully missing a communication opportunity with potential customers.

Q4: “I’d really like to make it easy for you to have a mobile-optimized page to give your customers a fast and easy way to respond to your business/offers/specials.

Moneyball question:

Q5: “What’s the single most important way for users to respond to your ads?” (phone call, site visit, email, etc). Once answered, you can quickly show them an optimized mobile landing page that features a tap to call, tap to map, tap to site…etc.

Elapsed time…about 2 minutes. Naturally, you hope this leads to an extended conversation but SMBs really value brevity, a compelling hook and easy follow up actions. This kind of “Leading With Mobile” technique can really open your SMB’s cluttered mind to what they’re missing, and give you the opportunity TO DO ONE THING, (vs 5 things) to help their business. From there, you can move into your other tools to strengthen the partnership.

Good Selling…

Bill Ganon