Since the horrific event that took the life of George Floyd, there has been a volcanic eruption of emotion across our country and the world. Protests are the public face of the Black Lives Matter movement, yet many, many more people are working out their emotions in the privacy of their own homes, in the workplace, or online. The grief, outrage, frustration, sympathy, and desire to make real substantive changes to the condition of social injustice, spans lines of color and social class.

Speaking in public, especially on matters of the heart and soul, can be especially challenging. I’ve seen this first hand while coaching a wide range of clients, from passionate start-up entrepreneurs, to ex-offenders, to MBA students. If you or a colleague want to speak to a group about this very important movement and moment, though are bogged down on how to say what you want, I’d like to help.

The Ganon Group is offering a free 2-hour public speaking coaching session to any individual, business/organization or educator advancing the rights of people of color and actively fighting against systemic racism. You’ll get:
1. A pre-coaching form to identify your message, desired audience(s), and desired outcomes.
2. Zoom coaching session to give you compelling opening, core points of content, how to ask for action.
3. “Better Each Time” practice guide for future talks.

To be clear, we don’t tell you what to say. The program is designed to help you say what you want to say more effectively and to achieve the end results you desire in front of the audiences you desire.

If my experience and expertise in bringing your voice to the microphone on this crucial matter strikes the right nerve, I hope you’ll reach out and take me up on my offer:

    The Ganon Group offers communication coaching for executives and employees across all departments: C-Suite Leadership, Sales, Customer Experience, Technical / Product Development, to improve their communication and presentation techniques. We believe everyone can “up” their game when it comes to communicating initiatives and ideas within the organization, outside to new prospects, to existing clients, or to outside media and trade organizations.