Spoiler alert: This is not an extra-marital affair or similar mid-life crisis confessional. In fact, it was Michelle, my wife of 28 years, who introduced me to Lynda – or more precisely Lynda.com.

Online learning is not a new idea. Maybe you’ve heard the recent ads on Pandora or similar Internet or terrestrial radio programs for Rosetta Stone, where they ask “Will buying new shoes or a new flat screen TV will make you a better person?” They submit the alternative…”But what if you could learn a new language?”

Online learning is really one of the joys and promises of the Internet. Oceans of information available to the individual. Lynda.com takes this online learning concept to the workplace and helps you supplement your skill set with new tools. They have a vast library of courses from learning software coding basics, to GoPro video shooting tips, to time management, and thousands more.

Over this holiday break, I’ve started with their Excel tutorials, and have a list in development for more courses in 2015. It’s super easy to use. You can pause and resume on your schedule, and they even have a scrolling text feature that enables you to read along with the audio/visual component.

The pricing structure is very flexible depending on your goals and needs – a basic $25/month up to $375/year (premium). Yes, that’s the equivalent of maybe 2 Starbucks / week or the classic “$1/day”. We even gifted some Lynda subscriptions this year as stocking stuffers for our long distance friends.

Lynda.com will be in it’s 20th year in 2015. Since the holiday period is when we think about new habits for the coming year, maybe online learning fits your list. Spend some quality time with Lynda this year. Your spouse or S/O will understand.

-Bill Ganon

Note: I am not affiliated with Lynda.com in any way and the views expressed here are entirely my own.