Few would disagree that sales revenue is the fuel that powers every company. Keeping with that analogy, I submit that communication is the oil that keeps the parts moving well. And like a car that starts to make grinding mechanical sounds, blue smokey discharge from the exhaust, or a dashboard light alert; a company can show symptoms of low or bad oil levels. Such as:

  • Strategy initiatives failing to be understood or internalized by employees
  • Sales teams that get caught in the damaging habit of “telling” instead of “selling”
  • Customer experience teams that see the “call queue” as a burden vs an opportunity
  • Technical / product engineering teams burying their audience in technical jargon
  • Employees who believe “sales” in the sole responsibility of the sales team
  • Executive management struggling with internal C Suite communication and alignment

There are many more examples, but the central problem is when communication breaks down, so does the organization. And like motor oil, the only solution is to get it changed. While some like to “do it yourself”, most go to a professional service provider. Likewise, professional help in organizational communication can help unclog channels, energize sales teams, help technical / engineer executives connect with critical audiences, and make investor and board meeting more engaging.

So to keep you organization running smooth, replace that communication oil. It’s way less costly than replacing an entire engine.


The Ganon Group offers communication coaching for executives and employees across all departments: C-Suite Leadership, Sales, Customer Experience, Technical / Product Development, to improve their communication and presentation techniques. We believe everyone can “up” their game when it comes to communicating initiatives and ideas within the organization, outside to new prospects, to existing clients, or to outside media and trade organizations. www.theganongroup.com